District Governor Lloyd Campbell shared his wisdom and observations at a recent Club meeting.
Ray Ruiz of Baztec was our program at a recent meeting.  His passion is to promote fishing opportunities for all.
New Hope Community Services and Crime Prevention Officer Kallio updated the Club on New Hope police department community outreach.
Cooper High School Principal Frank Herman was our program at a recent meeting.
Mary Moriarity was the program at our July 29 meeting, and is with President Anderson and former President Brooks-Green.
At our July 15 meeting, we had two guests:  former Club member Tony Witkowski receiving a Paul Harris pin (several years after the fact smiley) and former Hennepin County Public Defender Mary Moriarity.
Club member Daniel Bakken serenaded the Club at our June 24 meeting.
Club member Senator Ann Rest provided a legislative update at our April 22 meeting.
At a recent meeting, local celebrity Zach Redmon of Redmon Popcorn, guest of Club member and other local celebrity Mayor Kathi Hemken, shared his story of Redmon Popcorn and his recent stardom on Colbert's Late Show.