CNHR Rotarians have teamed up once again with PRISM to provide Food Box donations to those in need in time for the holidays.  All Rotarians are asked to please mark your calendars for the best part of all: Thursday, December 15, 4:30 PM at Prism for the final assembly and delivery of baskets to needy families.  A cash donation of $130 will be accepted in lieu of actual goods.  

Items to be donated by Rotarians and dates to bring it:

October 7

Soup (at least 12 cans or boxes)

Bottled or Canned Spaghetti Sauce (i.e. Prego,

            Ragu, Hunts ~ at least 6 cans or bottles)

Spaghetti Pasta (at least 6 boxes/bags)


October 14

Canned vegetables (at least 12 cans please)

Canned Fruit (at least 6 cans or more)


October 21

Boxed Instant Potatoes And Stuffing (at least 6 boxes or bags of each)


October 28

Cake Mix And Frosting  (at least 6 boxes of each)


November 4

Cereal (at least 6 boxes or bags)


November 11

Bath Soap and Dishwashing Liquid (NOT IRISH SPRING PLEASE!!)

(6 please of each)


November 18

Christmas Candy (4 packages)


December 2

Toilet Paper (at least 6 packages of 4 rolls)


December 9

Shampoo and Conditioner (at least 6 bottles of each)