It’s that time of year again for our annual holiday basket donation and distribution!  Shoppers will find their list of items below. If you would rather let someone else do the shopping, then provide cash or check (made out to Rotary) for $125 over the next few weeks and give to Anita Perkins or John Spilane. If you choose to shop, bring all your food items the day-of basket assembly and distributionSaturday, December 8th (less hassle with handling and storage). Please notify Anita in advance if you will be bringing your food on the 8th as we will be counting on it to make all the baskets!
We will assemble and pack boxes starting at 9 am at the New Hope City Hall on the 8th, and a light lunch will be served. We will be delivering boxes that day after assembly so get your teams together for deliveries. We’re also looking for help with making-up delivery routes so please lend a hand if you can. Contact Anita Perkins  with any questions, and thank you in advance for your support!
Items to be donated by Rotarians (or purchased for you from your financial donation)
Soup (at least 12 cans or boxes) – We give 2 per household
Bottled or Canned Spaghetti Sauce (i.e. Prego, Ragu, Hunts ~ at least 6 cans or bottles)
Spaghetti Pasta (at least 6 boxes/bags)
Canned Fruit (at least 6 cans or more)
Canned vegetables (at least 12 cans please) - We give 2 per household
Boxed Instant Potatoes (at least 6 boxes or bags of each)
Stuffing (at least 6 boxes or bags of each)
Cake Mix (at least 6 boxes of each)
Frosting (at least 6 boxes of each)
Cereal (at least 6 boxes or bags)
Dishwashing Liquid (6 please of each)
Christmas Candy (6 packages)
Toilet Paper (at least 6 packages of 4 rolls)
Shampoo (at least 6 bottles of each)
Conditioner (at least 6 bottles of each)